Premium Leather Conditioner


Premium Leather Conditioner: 

  • Restores natural moisture balance extending the life of your leather also maintains color in aniline leathers.
  • Helps protect against future stains and spills.
  • Formulated for use on ALL types of leather.
  • Created to replenish look and feel of aniline, nubuck, and suede leathers.
  • Softens the hand of top coated and protected leather.
  • Provides protective coating that slows penetration of water, oil, and alcohol based stains.
  • Removes surface scratch marks from aniline leathers.
  • A 32 oz. bottle conditions a typical couch two to three times.

   We recommend you clean & condition your leather 2-4 times a year with our products and on a weekly basis you wipe down your leather with a damp cloth (water only). Our products are unique in that our conditioner are meant to break down in approximately 4-16 weeks depending on use to allow you to continually condition your leather.
   Here is what that means. most products on the market produce a permeant barrier when the product is applied thus closing the pours permanently. At this point you will no longer be able to introduce a conditioner to your leather.
   Our products are created to break down allowing you to clean, condition and protect your leather for the lifetime of your furniture. Our conditioner carries a high level of synthetic nutrient that will condition any leather giving it a supple soft hand or feel to the leather.
   Conditioner should never be used before your leather has been properly cleaned. Our premium Leather Conditioner works to nourish your leather by replacing the moisture and protective elements naturally found in leather.
If you use this product before cleaning it will not penetrate well into the leather as the pores are not free of debris and open to receive the conditioner. Any product that says it “Cleans and penetrate well into the leather as the pores are not free of debris and open to receive the conditioner.
   Any product that says it “Cleans and Conditions in one step” is simply overstating their product performance all the while trapping unwanted materials in your leather reducing its life and wonderful look and feel.

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Need A Free Leather Sample? Call Today! (888) 993-0084


Need A Free Leather Sample? Call Today! (888) 993-0084

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