Our Warranty Policy

Your satisfaction is our utmost importance as we stand by our quality and craftsmanship. Our products are proudly American Made. Please read the terms and conditions of our Warranty. All warranties apply directly to the original retail purchaser; proof of purchase receipt may be required when submitting a claim under these warranties. All warranties are against defects in material and workmanship based on the stated time of the warranty under normal use, and from the date of purchase.

Omnia Leather Limited Lifetime Warranty Frame Construction - Limited Lifetime Warranty: Our frames are constructed in America with hand-selected woods, and meticulously assembled by our craftsmen and reinforced with corner blocking to ensure strong and durable seating.

Spring Suspension - Limited Lifetime Warranty: We use a steel spring seating suspension which results in proper spring action and balance.

Feather and Down - Limited Lifetime Warranty against Leakage: We use a high density polyurethane foam core that is inserted into an anti-leak envelope filled with down and feathers.

Omnia Leather Quality Assurance Warranty Leather - Limited 5-Year Warranty: The leather will not harden. There will be no transfer of color. The leather will not tear under normal use. The finish will not peel from the leather. The finish will not show excessive fracture other than normal wrinkles from stretching. Variations in shade, texture and natural markings are all characteristics and qualities of fine leather. Please avoid chemicals or sunlight to preserve the natural beauty of your leather furniture.

Cushion Construction - Limited 3 Year Warranty: Cushions are vital to a comfortable, long-lasting piece of quality leather upholstery. We carefully select quality cushioning components to ensure proper comfort. Our foam cushions are constructed of a polyurethane foam center core with polyester fiber wrap. The loss of resiliency should not be confused with softening and flattening of polyester fibers and the foam that will occur as a result of normal use and aging. All foam will soften and will not be considered a defect.

Omnia Leather Mattress Mechanisms Warranty - Limited 3 Year Warranty: We use inner spring sleeper mattresses and top quality mechanisms to provide the most comfort available.

Omnia Leather Recliner Mechanism Warranty - Limited 3 Year Warranty: All our recliner mechanisms are top quality and used in our motion and home theater products as well as motors.

Omnia Leather Stitching and Fasteners Warranty - Limited 1 Year Warranty: Seat Cushions, Back and Arm Pillows. The warranty is against Stitching and Fasteners that have a defect as well as thread breaks in sewing that occur under normal use. Moving furniture using attached Back Pillows / Arm Pillows is not a normal use and can void the warranty. Fabric is not warrantied, it is covered for a limited 1 year against thread breakage.

Barstools - Limited 1 Year Warranty: Our barstools are made with selected hardwoods that are carefully assembled, reinforced with corner blocks, and then doweled helping to ensure a strong durable seating unit. This warranty does not cover damages resulting from neglect, commercial use and extremes in temperature or humidity.

Omnia Leather Warranty Service Procedure: All claims must be made through the furniture retailer where the furniture was purchased. The furniture retailer will contact Omnia Leather for warranty service. Warranty registration and evidence of original purchase (such as invoice or sales slip) will be required. This warranty is limited to the original purchaser and is not transferable. Omnia Leather furniture liability under this warranty is limited to repairing or replacing, at our discretion, any part(s) of the product found to be defective in material or craftsmanship. Omnia Leather in its sole discretion will determine the cause and nature of any defect, the necessity and manner of repair or replacement, and all other matters pertaining to the condition of the furniture. Repairing, if required, may take up to 90 days to complete. If it should become necessary to return the furniture to the factory for repair, the costs of packing and shipping to and from the factory are not covered by this warranty and are the responsibility of the purchaser. If exact goods are not available, Omnia Leather reserves the right to use similar goods of equal quality for repair or replacement. In no instance shall Omnia Leather be obligated to exceed the original cost of the retailer. This warranty must be filled out and filed with the factory within 30 days from the date of original purchase. All implied warranties, including implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for particular purpose, are limited to the duration of the expressed warranties on this product. The warranties and remedies set forth in this limited warranty are exclusive and in lieu of all others, oral and/or written, expressed or implied. In no event will Omnia Leather be liable to you for any damages, including incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use or inability to use this product. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

Our Absolute Warranty Of Leather

1. All Furniture frames are absolutely warranted to be defect-free for lifetime. We will pay practical and standard labor rates to fix or replace faulty parts and shipping expenses from the vendor or a repair agency chosen by our client service division free of cost to the original buyer, within a year from the time of purchase. After one year from the time of purchase, the customer will be in charge for packaging, and all delivery and moving costs.

2. All covers and leathers have a warranty of one year from the time of client purchase. Leather must be taken care of with a valueable and consistent leather furniture conditioner and cleaner. Failure to employ suitable products will dissolve any warranty.

3. Foam cushioning has a warranty of 1 year, from time of purchase, against the loss of consistency.

4. The back and seat comfort suspension has a warranty of 5 years from the time of purchase against faults in quality and skill. We will pay practical and standard labor rates to fix or replace faulty parts and shipping expenses from the vendor or a repair agency chosen by our client service division free of cost to the original buyer, within a year from the time of purchase. After one year from the time of purchase, the customer will be in charge for packing, and all delivery and moving expenses.

5. The frames that we provide all have a lifetime warranty.

6. Under this warranty the Leather Furniture compulsion is to replacing or repairing at our company’s choice, any part/parts, (except leathers or fabrics) of the furniture found to be faulty in skill or raw materials upon assessment by an official agent of the producer.

7. We sell other producers our furniture rather than selling it directly to the customer. In case of a warranty argument for the furniture, we will either send the client to that producer and/or assist in processing the claim to that producer’s conditions. Leather Furniture Expo has the authority to make a decision whether to interfere on the client’s behalf or send the client to sort out matters directly with the producer. The warranties of Leather Furniture Expo are frequently similar but can differ from the actual producer’s warranty.

8. Liability for reparation under all warranties is not included. Some of the states do not permit the elimination of consequential or incidental reparation, so the above restraint or omission may not be applicable to you depending on your state. This warranty allows you precise legal authority, and you perhaps also have several other rights that differ from one state to another

9. The warranty is applicable for only the original buyer and is not moveable to a broker. We are not in charge of and cannot handle process or determine warranty claims for furniture not obtained through us, invalid producers or products spoiled by fire, floods or further natural calamities.

10. Any argument on warranty resulting from customer use or mistreatment will be avoided. If both customer mistreatment and a factory fault are caught up together, the producer of the furniture will make a decision on the legitimacy of the whole claim.

11. Clearance products are sold as they are and the warranty is not applicable to them.

Please call us at (888) 993-0084 for additional questions or warranty details.