Free Shipping

Shipping Rates and Information

Texas Wide Shipping Is Available*.

Shipping is insured on all items. In case your furniture is scratched during the shipment of an order, you would not be held accountable for it.

When your order is ready to be shipped, we will send you shipping details via email so that you may pursue your shipment. When the shipping business receives your order, then within a few days you will be contacted by them to plan a time for delivery.  Our standard shipping option includes curbside delivery, so it is incumbent upon the customer to have a plan in place to move the furniture into its final destination in the home. Delivery drivers have offered in the past to help some of our customers with this service for an additional fee or tip, but we cannot gaurantee that service is available, so it's best to plan accordingly. 

To avoid having to move the furniture from the curb into your house, you can upgrade your shipping method at checkout to our full white glove delivery option for an additional $149.  White Glove delivery service will bring the furniture to the spot of your selection and will also take out all of the stuffing materials from your house. Any extra services shall bear extra expenses.

White Glove will take comparatively less time to get to you. The Texas wide standard takes thirteen days from the day the shipping company takes your furniture order; however at times, they are a bit quicker and at times a little slow, but seldom does it go beyond 3 weeks from the day of shipment.

In case of free delivery advertising, some regions of Canada and USA need extra shipping tariff including remote areas of Canada, communities and islands that need boat admittance. Please contact us at 877-659-3497 to get more information on details and costing.

Everything Is Factory Enclosed And Absolutely New.

Each of our sets has a special shipping time. Many of our sets get shipped within 2-3 weeks from the time we process your request, which denotes that you will receive it within 4 weeks in most cases; but it can also take up to 10 weeks. This is a mere part of our deliver policy so don’t be amazed if it shows up earlier than expected.

It is just a precautionary statement stating that it will take 3 to 4 weeks for the delivery, so that the client does not panic in case there is any unforeseen problem with the shipment company that causes a delay.

Where Do We Deliver?

We can ship everywhere in the 48 nearby states, with delivery to Mexico, Alaska, Canada, and Hawaii.

Absolute Damage Defense

What happens if your order gets damaged in delivery? These questions get asked a lot and the reason why people adore us is because we do what no other web store or Texas wide vendor will do.

Our furniture is very nicely packaged and we employ the best delivery companies Texas wide to ensure that your order arrives safely.

Nevertheless, mistakes can take place and so we assure security of every shipment at no extra cost to you. More importantly, in case something wrong happens, we have devoted specialists to make sure the issue is solved. If you go through the guidelines stated in the policy of the majority of nationalized retailers, you will find that in case of order damage, YOU are meant to register the issue with the delivery company, arrange the inspectors and technicians essential to determine the issues. Meanwhile, we take it as our responsibility to manage the paperwork, arrangement of the technician if wanted, to visit your home and organize shipping if a substitution is needed.  This is the top most reason to purchase from us; we are furniture experts who will be with you at every step.

Another benefit of hiring our service is that the delivery company will contact you 24 hours in advance to set up a delivery date since they will require you to sign it. This is done not as we are hoping for breakdowns but because it could occur. We are very lucky to have a 2% spoil rate which means damage in 2 in 100 deliveries and above 90% of which are small problems that can be mended right in your house by a capable and knowledgeable technician. In case, something does get spoiled, it is very simple to maintain.

When the furniture comes, be sure to examine it before you approve it.  This is particularly to be done if you observe any problem in the wrapping.

In case there is damage, pursue these four easy steps:

1.       Don’t fright; it’s insured.

2.       Do not send the order away.

3.      Contact us at (888) 993-0084, so that we can assist you to decide if the broken piece must be kept or sent back.  Do not make this choice before talking to us.

4.       Bill Of Lading should be signed, and make sure to explain the precise damage.  Tell only the details of the problem.

It is vital that you undertake these guidelines so that we may provide you the maximum level of client service.

In case that there is concealed damage that becomes visible after the driver goes away; please call us in twenty-four hours of release to state it. This provides us time to register the claim. Most shipment businesses have a forty-eight hour time limit to report concealed problem, so it is vital that we pursue their rules.

Leather Showroom has the right to endeavor a repair or substitute manufacturing faults and shipment damage at our judgment. Because all of our shipments are insured, if a piece is broken, we have the right to reinstate or restore the furniture.  If you don’t want a substitute or restore, you can return it back to us.

We are not accountable for the fixing or replacement due to customer abuse. Examples of customer abuse are slices/ cigarette burns / ink marks/scrapes or scuffs on inner areas and pillows. All furniture is examined thoroughly before shipment and unique leather furniture wrapping is used to avoid reparations.

We do not give assurance of the delivery dates.  In case that we do assure a delivery time, it will be written on your invoice.  If you don’t possess the invoice with a written delivery date, you will not have an assured delivery date and so any terminations will consist a 15% replenish fee and any valid shipping costs.

Re-Delivery Costs:

When the delivery group is ready to transport your order, they will fix a delivery date. If the client for any cause neglects that date, many delivery companies will enforce a re-delivery charge to make another trip.

In case that this fee is asked by the delivery company, this payment will be imposed to the client. The charge will be put to the client’s card, which was used while buying their order.

Please call us at (888) 993-0084 with any questions.


*Excludes certain Natuzzi models. Call for more info.