The Saggezza is a classic choice if you are seeking a clean linear style. Tailored in supple Italian leather, this Natuzzi Editions collection will take you to unsurpassed level of comfort and style. Ratcheting headrests and a unique sliding chaise lounge offer personalized relaxation.

*Please note that all dimensions are approximate, if accuracy is crucial, please contact us for validation of the dimensions shown. However, a 1” to 3 1/2” variance can still apply due to foam and upholstery.

Manufacturer: Natuzzi Leather
Warranty: 10 Years Frame, 2 Years Upholstery 2 Years Furnishing Accessories
Color Shown: Denver Grigio Medio
Leather Type: 100% Top Grain Italian Leather
Frame: Russian Fur Hardwood
Seating System: Pirelli Webbing
Country of Origin: Italian Leather assembled in Shanghai, China


Your satisfaction is our utmost importance as we stand by our quality and craftsmanship. Our products are proudly Italian Made. All warranties apply directly to the original retail purchaser; proof of purchase receipt may be required when submitting a claim under these warranties. All warranties are against defects in material and workmanship based on the stated time of the warranty under normal use, and from the date of purchase.

Natuzzi Leather 10 Year Warranty Frame Construction: Our frames are constructed in America with hand-selected woods, and meticulously assembled by our craftsmen and reinforced with corner blocking to ensure strong and durable seating.

Natuzzi Leather 2 Year Upholstery and Furnishing Accessories Warranty: We strongly believe in the high quality of out upholstry, leather, and other materials that we provide a 2 year warranty for them.

For a more in-depth breakdown of the warranties, please visit Natuzzi Warranty page, or please call us at 1 (888) 993-0084 for additional questions or warranty details.

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Shipping is insured on all items. In case your furniture is scratched during the shipment of an order, you would not be held accountable for it. Your furniture is custom made at the factory to your specifications when you order it, and then shipped immediately to your home. Due to this, exact shipping times vary based on the type and quantity of furniture in your order.

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Color Options

Need A Free Leather Sample? Call Today! (888) 993-0084


Need A Free Leather Sample? Call Today! (888) 993-0084

Image Product Name Price Qty
Natuzzi B619 - 2 Cushion Sofa 009 Price: $3,720.00 Quantity:
Natuzzi B619 - Loveseat 005 Price: $3,627.00 Quantity:
Natuzzi B619 - Armchair 003 Price: $2,227.00 Quantity:
Natuzzi B619 - 200-Corner Chair Lt Terminal + 019-Rt Loveseat Price: $7,080.00 Quantity:
Natuzzi B619 - 019-Lt Loveseat + 201-Corner Chair Right Terminal Price: $7,080.00 Quantity:
Natuzzi B619 - 018-Lt Loveseat + 049-Rt Chaise Price: $6,160.00 Quantity:
Natuzzi B619 - 047-Lt Chaise + 019-Rt Loveseat Price: $6,160.00 Quantity:
Natuzzi B619 - LAF Loveseat 018 Price: $3,320.00 Quantity:
Natuzzi B619 - RAF Loveseat 019 Price: $3,320.00 Quantity:
Natuzzi B619 - Right Bumper Chaise w/ Return 201 Price: $3,760.00 Quantity:
Natuzzi B619 - Left Bumper Chaise w/ Return 200 Price: $3,760.00 Quantity:
Natuzzi B619 - LAF Chaise 047 Price: $2,840.00 Quantity:
Natuzzi B619 - RAF Chaise 049 Price: $2,840.00 Quantity:

Total $0.00